Accessibility Support

We're proud to announce that our Nami paywalls are now fully compatible with screenreader solutions such as Apple VoiceOver or Google TalkBack or Select to Speak.


Enterprise Roles and Permissions

Control what your Team Members are able to do in the Control Center. We now have roles for Admins, Customer Support Team Members, and Viewers. The Viewer role can see everything in the Control Center but is not able to make any changes.


Web APIs

Web APIs to control your app and fetch data about your customers are now available.


Smart Text for Paywalls

We are excited to introduce Paywall Smart Text as well as some new features to help leverage it to create even better paywalls on the Nami platform.


Customers Screen 👩‍💼

We've introduced a new Customers screen. Easily provide customer support for your app as well as generate lists of customers that meet criteria. These screens provide lists of your current customers as well as everything we know about their purchase history and revenue.


Xamarin Bindings for iOS 📱

Our official Xamarin binding library for iOS is now available on NuGet.


New Analytics 📈

We've released updated analytics with new metrics and capabilities.


Multiple Paywalls Support

The Nami platform now supports using multiple paywalls. Simply define a Developer Paywall ID and reference it in your code.


React Native v0.3.0 now available

We've just released the latest version of our React Native bridge on NPM.


New Styles for Paywalls

We've added a boatload of new functionality to our no-code paywalls.