Working with Images

The Control Center allows you to upload images in mobile phone and tablet resolution for all paywalls, as well as upload images for your account avatar and app icon.

In order to streamline the use of your images in the platform, Nami supports some basic image editing controls right in our Control Center.

To begin, upload an image anywhere in our Control Center by simply click on a tile that says Click or Drop an Image Here or Click or Drop an Image, depending on the screen.

After uploading an image, two new buttons will appear below the image. Click Edit Image to crop or scale the image to fit correctly. In the editing tool, the aspect ratio of the crop is fixed to the correct size for each particular image.

The image editing tool supports changing the crop of the uploaded image, including zooming in and out, rotating, and moving and adjusting the crop window.

Note that as you rotate the image the size of the crop window will change to ensure that the image maintains the correct aspect ratio after cropping.


Once you save an edited image the original image will be lost. Be sure you are happy with your changes before saving them.

You must click the trash icon to delete and remove the image before you can upload a new image.


Do not forget that the uploaded and altered image will not be saved until you click the Save or Update button on the screen.

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