Check if any of the passed in product SKU IDs have been purchased by the device.

NamiPurchaseManager.anySKUIDPurchased(_ skuIDs: [StoreID]) -> Bool
BOOL anyPurchased = [NamiPurchaseManager anySKUIDPurchased:(NSArrray *)skuIDs];
NamiPurchaseManager.anySKUIDPurchased(skuIDs: List<String>): Boolean
boolean NamiPurchaseManager.anySKUIDPurchased(List<String> skuIDs)
  (purchased) => {
    // callback that receives the boolean return value
NamiPurchaseManager.anySKUIDPurchased(List<String> skuIDs) → Future<bool>
bool NamiPurchaseManager.AnySKUIDPurchased (string[] skuIDs);


  • (required) skuIDs: An array of product SKU IDs to check for purchase status

Boolean true if any of the product SKUs in the list have been purchased, or false otherwise.