Deprecation Notice

This method was deprecated in Apple v2.6.0, Android v1.1.1 and React Native v1.1.0.

Please see preparePaywallForDisplay.

Checks if Nami is able to raise a User Initiated Paywall on the current screen. Returns true if it can and false if the paywall is not able to be raised.

let canRaisePaywall : Bool = NamiPaywallManager.canRaisePaywall()
BOOL canRaisePaywall = [NamiPaywallManager canRaisePaywall];
val canRaisePaywall: Boolean = NamiPaywallManager.canRaisePaywall()
boolean canRaisePaywall = NamiPaywallManager.canRaisePaywall();
  (canRaisePaywall) => {
     // callback that receives return value
bool canRaisePaywall = await NamiPaywallManager.canRaisePaywall();
bool NamiPaywallManager.CanRaisePaywall { get; }