Close a Paywall Creator paywall if it is still open.

This is a method meant to force a Nami paywall closed if still open, and optionally run any code desired after the paywall is fully closed - this can be used to pop up messaging after a purchase while being sure an open paywall will not block a message being presented.

NamiPaywallManager.dismissNamiPaywallIfOpen(animated: Bool, completion: (Void)->Void)
[NamiPaywallManager dismissNamiPaywallIfOpenWithAnimated: BOOL completion: (Void)->Void];
// iOS Only
NamiPaywallManager.dismissNamiPaywallIfOpen(bool animated) → Future<bool>
void NamiPaywallManager.DismissNamiPaywallIfOpen(bool animated, () => {
  // take any action after close


  • animated: Will animate the closing of the paywall if true.
  • completion: Code to execute after paywall closure is fully complete.