Provide rules for when a rules-based paywall should display in your app.

A handler that is called when a Nami triggered paywall is about to be raised automatically that determines if the paywall should be displayed or not.

Does not apply to User-Initiated paywalls displayed with the raisePaywall method.

NamiPaywallManager.registerAllowAutoRaisePaywallHandler { () -> Bool in
  return self.shouldAllowPaywallRaise()
[NamiPaywallManager registerAllowAutoRaisePaywallHandler:^BOOL{
  return [self shouldAllowPaywallRaise];
NamiPaywallManager.registerApplicationAutoRaisePaywallBlocker {
    return Boolean
NamiPaywallManager.registerApplicationAutoRaisePaywallBlocker(() -> boolean);
NamiPaywallManager.blockPaywallAutoRaise(bool blockRaise);


  • boolean. True indicating the paywall should be displayed. False indicating it should not.

Flutter specific

  • A boolean needs to be set and unset to indicate whether paywall should be displayed or not.