Add a Platform to your App

Nami supports multiple platforms such as the App Store and Google Play.

In Nami, each app can have multiple App Platforms. App Platforms allow you to

  • Use Nami on multiple different Stores such as the App Store and Google Play
  • Support multiple different builds of your app on a single store. You may do this if you have different apps for development and production builds on the same store.

Adding a Platform

There are 2 places in the Nami Control Center you can add an App Platform. The first is the App Settings screen. This screen shows all settings for the current app you have selected in the Control CenterControl Center - The Nami Control Center is our web platform that allows you to control the Nami experience in your app from the cloud. .

Once on this screen, you can then click the Platforms tab and then the + Add Platform button.

If you have multiple apps on the Nami Platform, you can add platforms for any of your apps through the Settings screen.

Then on this screen, click the Apps tab and click the edit icon next to the App you'd like to add a platform to.

On this screen, you can again select the Platforms tab and then click the + Add Platform button.

The add platform button will open a modal where you must select the Store Platform you'll use for this App Platform.


Nami currently supports the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

All App Platforms require a name.

Note that additional fields you need to provide are different for each platform. For the App Store, you'll need to provide the Bundle Identifier from App Store Connect. For Google Play you'll need the Package Name from the Play Store. These are the unique identifiers on each store for your app.


Nami Best Practice

If you only have one build of your app on the store, we recommend naming the platform "App Store" or "Play Store" to keep things simple.

If you have multiple builds of your app on the store with different identifiers you may name your App Platforms "Development" and "Production" or something similar.

Click add and now you are all set up with an App Platform for your app on Nami.

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