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Learn how to add your App Store in-app purchase or subscription products to the Nami platform

Nami needs to be aware of any in-app purchase Product configured in App Store Connect so it can be used within your Nami-powered PaywallPaywall - A paywall is a specific type of Call-To-Action (CTA) that is asking your users to make a purchase in your app. It is the visual presentation of your paid products to your users. screens.

Add In-App Purchase Products to Nami

  1. Login to App Store Connect
  1. Click on "My Apps" , and then choose your app
  1. Click on "Features" in the navigation bar, and then "In-App Purchases" in the sidebar.
  1. Copy Reference Name & Product ID for the product you want to add to Nami.


Don't Yet Have In-App Purchases Configured in App Store Connect?

Check out Apple's documentation on how to create an in-app purchase for your app.


Make Sure Your In-App Purchases Are Approved by Apple

If an in-app purchase is not approved for sale by Apple, it may only be used within a development build of your app.

Unapproved products will not show up in paywalls for TestFlight or App Store builds.

  1. Back at the Nami Control Center > Products, click "+ Add Product SKU"
  1. If you have more than one App Platform, select the correct one from the drop down. Paste the Reference Name in its respective form field and the Product ID in the SKU ID field. Select the SKU Type from the drop down, either subscription or one-time purchase based on the type of in-app purchase in App Store Connect.
  1. Click Add. Repeat as necessary.


Active vs. Inactive Products

Products added to Nami are marked active automatically. If you don't want to make a product available to any of your paywalls, you can inactive the product with the toggle control.

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