Add a Google Play Product

Learn how to add your Google Play in-app purchase or subscription products to the Nami platform

Nami must be linked to any in-app purchase (IAP) products in your Google Play account in order to properly transact. In this guide we'll walk through creating IAPs in the Google Play console and then adding them to the Nami system.

Create IAPs in Google Play

Let's start by creating a subscription for your app in the Google Play console.

  1. Log in to the Google Play Console and select the app you want to add an IAP to.
  1. Scroll down in the left navigation to the Monetization section and then select Subscriptions. Then click the Create Subscription button.
  1. Enter a Product ID for your subscription in-app purchase.


Product IDs cannot be re-used or changed once created!

Make sure to choose a unique and descriptive name for your subscription product, as once it is created you will not be able to change or reuse it.

  1. In the Subscription details section, enter a Name and a Description. These fields will be display on the Play Store and on various screens where users can purchase, cancel, or change their subscription, so be sure to use clear and descriptive language.
  1. Next scroll to the Price section. Select a Billing period from the drop-down and then click the Set price button.
  1. Enter a Price on the overlay that appears and then click the Apply prices button.
  1. In the Subscription Options section you'll see many additional settings you can choose from including setting up Free Trials, a lower Introductory price, allowing Grace period when a customer's payment fails, and whether users should be able to Resubscribe or not.
  1. After finishing selecting all your options and filling the required fields, click the Save button.


Note Nami only supports subscription IAPs on Google Play at this time. If you would like to use other IAPs on the Nami platform, please contact [email protected].

Add IAPs to Nami Control Center

  1. Login to the Nami Control Center, navigate to the Products section, and click the + Add Product button.
  1. Select your Play Store platform in the Select Platform dropdown. If you have not created a Play Store Platform yet, check out this guide.

  2. Enter a Reference Name for your product.

  3. Get the Product ID from step #3 in the previous section and enter this for the SKU ID.

  4. Select Subscription from the dropdown for SKU Type and then click Add.

  1. Click "+ Add Product" again as many times as necessary to add all your products.

Add Products to Entitlement

Each product needs to be added to an entitlement. Entitlements grant access to content or features based on a purchase.

Setup Entitlement