Add an Amazon Appstore Product

Learn how to add your Amazon Appstore in-app purchase or subscription products to the Nami platform


Amazon Appstore integration is available on our Enterprise plans. Contact Team Nami for more information.

Nami needs to be aware of any in-app purchase Product SKU configured in the Amazon Developer Console so it can be used within your Nami-powered Paywall screens.

Create IAPs in Amazon Developer Console

More information about configuring IAP items can be found in Amazon's docs.

  1. Login to Amazon Developer Console.
  2. Select 'App List' from under the Amazon Appstore header

  1. Select your app from the list.

  1. Click 'In-App Items' from the left hand menu
  2. Click 'Add Single IAP' and select 'Subscription'

  1. Give the Subscription a title and a SKU.
  2. Click 'Add Subscription'

  1. Add a product Display Title and Description. These are customer-facing. You must add a Display Title and Description in at least English (EN) but can optionally add other localizations.

  1. Now you need to add subscription terms. Under 'Subscription terms', click 'Add New Term'

  1. Pick a term period from the dropdown and provide a SKU for this term. Click 'Create Term'

  1. Setup pricing for the current term.

  1. Repeat steps 10 and 11 for each term for this subscription.
  2. Repeat steps 5-12 for each unique subscription product.
  3. Click 'Submit IAP' when you are done.

Add Subscription Product to Nami

  1. Login to Amazon Developer Console.
  2. Select 'App List' from under the Amazon Appstore header
  3. Select your app from the list
  4. Click 'In-App Items' from the left hand menu

  1. Then select the product you want to add to the Nami Control Center from the list.

  1. Scroll down to Subscription Terms. Copy the SKU for the subscription term you want to add.


Nami needs the SKUs for each individual term, not the overall IAP SKU.

  1. Back in the Nami Control Center > Products page, click "+ Add Product SKU"
  2. Select your Amazon Appstore platform from the Select Platform dropdown. If you have not created an Amazon Appstore platform yet, see this guide
  3. For the Reference Name, give it a name that identifies the subscription and term. For example 'Test Nami Plus Monthly'.
  4. From step 6, paste the SKU into the SKU ID field.
  5. Select "Subscription" from the SKU Type dropdown.
  6. Click "Add" to add your subscription product to the Nami Control Center.

  1. Repeat steps 6-12 for each of the terms of the subscription.
  2. Repeat steps 5-13 for each subscription product in the Amazon In-App Items list.

Add Products to Entitlement

Each product needs to be added to an entitlement. Entitlements grant access to content or features based on a purchase.

Setup Entitlement