Create a Campaign

Learn how to create the business rules that governs how and when users will see paywalls

A Campaign governs the in-app experience including how and when your users will see your paywalls.

1. Go to Campaigns page

Navigate to the Campaign section of the Control Center


2. Add Campaign ➕

Click the + Add Campaign button.


3. Name your campaign

Give your campaign a Name.


4. Select Audience Rules

If you only want to show your campaign to certain app users, select rules from the audience filters. Learn more.


5. Select a paywall

Select a paywall to show in this campaign from the dropdown.

Learn more about creating paywalls


Show 2 different paywalls in the same campaign by setting up an A/B Test.

6. Go Live! ⚡️

Finally, take this campaign live to try these paywall(s) in your app!