Create a Campaign

Learn how to create the business rules that governs how and when users will see paywalls


Looking for documentation on the latest Nami campaign experience? Check out the v2.0 docs.

A CampaignCampaign - Campaigns control the rules for "when" and "how" your paywalls will be displayed to your app users. governs the in-app experience including how and when your users will see your paywalls.

Add a Campaign

  1. Navigate to the Campaign section of the Control Center
  1. Click the + Add Campaign button.

  2. Give your campaign a Name

  1. Select your User Initiated paywall. This campaign rule is used to present a paywall in response to direct user interaction.


Nami Best Practice

Use User Initiated to define the paywall that should raise in response to a call-to-action advertising your paid offering.

  1. Next step, take this campaign live to try these paywall(s) in your app!

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