Create a Campaign

Learn how to create the business rules that governs how and when users will see paywalls

A Campaign governs the in-app experience including how and when your users will see your paywalls.

1. Go to Campaigns page

Navigate to the Campaign section of the Control Center

2. Add Placement ➕

Click the + Add button

3. Provide a Placement Label

Type in a label that defines this placement. It should be a short alphanumeric string. Allowed special characters are _ and -. This label will go into your app code.

If opening this paywall from a deeplink, choose type 'Deeplink URL'. :sparkles:Business Plan and up

4. Add a Campaign Rule to this Placement

Click the new label to navigate to Campaign Rules

5. Name your Campaign Rule

Give your campaign a Name.

6. Select Audience Rules

If you only want to show your campaign to certain app users, select rules from the audience filters. Learn more.

7. Select a paywall

Select a paywall to show in this campaign from the dropdown.

Learn more about creating paywalls

Show 2 different paywalls in the same campaign by setting up an A/B Test.

8. Go Live! ⚡️

Flip the green status switch to set the campaign status as live.

Finally, click 'Publish' to save changes. The campaign and attached paywalls will now be returned to your app users.