Create entitlements to grant access to content and features inside your app based on product purchase

Entitlements in the Nami platform are used to grant access to a set of content or features in your app. Entitlements have a set of associated Product SKUs that grant the entitlement on purchase.

Entitlements are defined at the app level and work across all platforms defined for your app. This means you will only have one entitlement that would work across both Apple and Android platforms, for example.

Create Entitlement

Let's start by creating an entitlement, and then we'll look at how you associate product SKUs with the entitlement.

1. Add Entitlement

In the Control Center, navigate to the Entitlements screen and click the Add Entitlement button.

2. Give your Entitlement a Name and ID

Give your entitlement a Name and an Entitlement Reference ID. The reference ID will be used by your developers to interact with the SDK, so choose something unique and descriptive.

Then click "Add"

3. Associate Product SKUs

To associate product SKUs with your entitlement, tap the row in the table for the entitlement you wish to edit.

Scroll down to the Products table and then click the Associate Product SKUs button.


No Product SKUs for your App?

These steps require that you have already added a Product SKU to your app. If you still need to complete this step, follow this guide and then return here.

Select all Product SKUs you wish to be associated with this entitlement. You can optionally filter the list by Platform if you have multiple platforms and SKUs. Click OK to commit the changes.

After adding product SKUs to an entitlement, you will see a table on the Products tab of the entitlement, such as the one below.

4. (Optional) Remove Product from Entitlement

If you made a mistake and associated a product with the wrong entitlement, or are changing your access levels, you can detach a product from the entitlement by clicking 'Detach' in the table.


If app users have purchased this product and been granted the entitlement, they will lose access once you detach the product.