Custom Data in Linked Paywalls

Add custom data to your Linked Paywalls in the Control Center.

Linked Paywalls are used in the Nami platform to add cloud-based controls to a paywall you have already built in your app.

In many cases, you may have elements of your Linked Paywall that you would like to control from the cloud, but are not part of our standard set of controls that we have exposed in our Control Center. We've built a general system to help enable these use cases by allowing you to define any set of Key-Value pairs and pass them to the SDK.

To see how to use custom data in the SDK, read this guide.

Let's take a look at how to use them.

  1. In the Control Center, go to the Paywalls screen and select a Linked Paywall from the available list.


Key-Value pairs are only available for Linked Paywalls and not paywalls made with the Paywall Creator.

  1. Click on Content and then the Add Key-Value button.
  1. Enter a Key and Value and click Add.


Keys and Values are stored as a JSON object

Under the hood these are stored as JSON. You will get an "Invalid format for Value" error if the data you enter cannot be converted to JSON.

Keys may not have spaces in the name, and we recommend not using any special characters and limiting to standard ASCII characters.

Values supported:

  • Integer numbers - 1234, no commas or other symbols
  • Strings - must be in double quotes e.g. "my string for the value"
  • Arrays - ["one", 2, "three"]
  • JSON - must use double quotes {"key": "value"}


Each Key must be unique

Adding a new Key-Value where the Key matches one that already exists will update that already existing Key with the new Value.

  1. When back on the Paywall Detail screen, do not forget to click the Save button to commit your changes.
  1. To remove a Key-Value, click the 'x' button.