Adobe Analytics

Looking to use Adobe Analytics with the Nami SDK?


Paid Plan Feature

Adobe Analytics integration requires a subscription to one of our paid plans. Please contact us at [email protected] if you'd like to add this functionality to your account.

  1. Check out our guide on integrating analytics services.
  2. We have a demo app in our Github repo that shows how to integrate all standard events in Nami with Adobe Analytics.
  3. To get started with the Demo App, open the project directory from the GitHub link above and run the following commands in your terminal.


This Step Requires CocoaPods

If you do not have CocoaPods installed, please follow the instructions at

$ pod install
$ open TestProductsAdobe.xcworkspace


Make sure to open the workspace file!

It is important to make sure you've opened the workspace file above and not the .xcodeproj file when making changes to the code.

  1. Log in to the Launch product in the Adobe Experience Cloud to find your AppId.


What if I'm not using Adobe Launch?

If you have Adobe Analytics deployed directly, you need to find the Adobe App ID associated with your analytics property and add it to the code configuration that Adobe provides in their SDK. Once you have that ID, please jump to step 8 in these instructions.

  1. Open Adobe Launch and click on the property you want to integrate with Nami. In this case, our example project is called PaywallTracking.
  1. Click the Environments tab on the nav and then click the Install button for the environment you wish to use with Nami. In this case, we have multiple environments and we are choosing our production environment.
  1. Copy the Environment File ID.
  1. Open the file AppDelegate.swift, look for the function adobeSetup(), and find the line of code below. Add your AppID that you found in the Adobe web portal in Step 7.
ACPCore.configure(withAppId: "")
[ACPCore configureWithAppId: ""]
  1. You should now be up and running with our test app sending events from the Nami SDK back to your Adobe Analytics account.