Amazon Appstore Integration

Amazon Appstore specific onboarding steps


Amazon Appstore integration is available on our Business plan. Contact Team Nami for more information.

To complete setup of your Amazon Appstore app on Nami, there are several steps that are required:

1. Create a Nami Platform Integration πŸ”Œ

Create a Nami Platform Integration for Amazon Appstore

2. Add Shared Key πŸ”

Provide your Shared Key from the Amazon Developer Console.

This allows Nami to perform multiple actions on your behalf including retrieving products and conducting purchase verification.

3. Turn on RTN πŸ’¬

Turn on Real-time Event Notifications

This will send Amazon purchase & subscription notifications to Nami, allowing us to:

  • Update your app on the latest state of your customer's purchase through the SDK
  • Provide reporting on your in-app purchase revenue

4. Add Products 🏷

This allows Nami to show available Amazon products for display on your Paywall.

Follow the guide to add Amazon Appstore Products β†’

5. Integrate SDK πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’»

Amazon Appstore Android SDK Setup