Amazon Appstore Shared Key


Amazon Appstore integration is available on our Optimize plans. Contact Team Nami for more information.

Apps on the Amazon Appstore that offer In-App Purchases all have a Shared Key. This key is used to enable various functionality on the Nami platform, including receipt verification.

Let's step through how to find your App's Shared Key and add it to the Nami Control Center.

  1. Log in to Amazon Developer Console
  2. Select 'App List' from under the Amazon Appstore header

  1. Select your app from the list

  1. Click 'Settings'

  1. Select 'Identity'
  2. Copy the Shared Key value

  1. Open the Nami Control Center and Navigate to Settings > Store Credentials.
  2. Paste your Shared Key from step 6 into the Amazon IAP Credentials > Shared Key field and click Save Changes to finish.


Shared Key Not Returned in Control Center for Security

Our APIs do not return the raw value of the shared key to the Control Center for security. If you have previously set your shared key and we have a value for it, you'll see a placeholder in the field.