Android Troubleshooting

Common and uncommon issues that can occur on Android and how to fix them.

Q: I'm occasionally seeing the following error in the logs for my Android app. What's happening?



This message most commonly occurs when a Nami SDK method is called before the configure method has been called. Make sure you call configure as early as possible in your app's execution so the SDK is properly configured and able to make calls.

Q: I'm not seeing any in-app purchase products on my paywalls and I'm getting an error "Could not connect to Google Play Billing. Please ensure you are signed in to your Google Account." What do I do?


This error occurs when the Google Play Billing library is not available on the device or emulator. When this happens, the Nami SDK will not be able to fetch product SKUs are complete transactions. There are a couple of things to check when this happens.

  1. Are you on a version Android that supports in-app purchases? The Android SDK version must be 21+.
  2. If you are on an emulator is the Play Store enabled? This is an option at the time you create the emulator. In the Android Virtual Device Manager, under the column Play Store you should see a Google Play icon. If there is no icon, your emulator does not support in-app purchases.

  1. have you signed in with a Google account in the Play Store app? Open the Play Store app and make sure you are signed in. There's an account avatar in the upper right that you can click on to sign-in if you need to.

Q: Images aren't appearing in my Android app. How can I fix this?


Try these steps:

  1. Update Okio dependency to 3.2.0 or above
  2. Try switching image type from PNG to JPEG/JPG

Q: When I background my app and return to the app from the app icon, the paywall won't appear. What do I do?


Remove the following line from Android manifest:android:launchMode=“singleTask”