API Access

Call the Nami API directly to access customer information.


Enterprise Plans

API Access is currently only available on our Enterprise plans. Please contact [email protected] if you'd like to learn more.

Creating API Access Tokens

API tokens are tied to a user account and may be created in the Nami Control Center.

  1. Go to Org Settings.
  2. Click on the API Access tab. Note this tab is only available on Enterprise accounts.
  3. Click the + Add Access Token token button.
  1. Enter a name for the token.
  2. Select an expiration date for the token. The minimum expiration date for a token is 1 day from the time you create it. The maximum expiration date for a token is one year from the time you create it. The
  3. Click the Add Access Token button.
  1. You'll now see a modal that lists your access token value. Click the Copy button to copy it to the clipboard and then the Close button to dismiss the modal.


This is the only time the access token will be available for security reasons.

Be sure to securely save it before closing the modal!

  1. You can delete any Access Token by clicking on the Delete button from the list.

API Permissions

Your API Access Tokens have the same scope of permissions as the Role assigned to your user. We recommend that you create a separate account for API access and choose a role with the lowest set of permissions you require for your API access.


Nami Best Practice

We recommend creating a separate account for your API Access Tokens.

If you need API access for multiple apps, we further recommend creating a separate account for each app.

For the new account, an email address such as [email protected] will work.

API Headers and Authorization

To access the API, take the Token ID you created in the first section and add it to the header of all your API requests. Be sure to set the content type to JSON as well. See the full header example below

'Content-Type: application/json'
'Authorization: Bearer <token>'

and replace <token> with your Token ID from the Control Center.

API Documentation


Interactive API documentation is available here!

Some APIs required the App ID to be included in the request. You can find your App ID in the App Settings screen.