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I don't have an app setup in App Store Connect or Google Play yet. Can I use Nami?

Yes! You can create and configure your app, use our no-code paywall builder, and even configure the SDK in Xcode or Android Studio for testing before needing to complete setup in App Store Connect or Google Play. You just won't be able to publish your app to the App Store or Play Store or do full purchase testing.

Can I change the name of my App later?

Yes! Change the name of the app by visiting App Settings in the lefthand menu.

My app is available on iOS and Android. Do I need separate Apps for both platforms?

Nope! Create 1 Nami App and then add integrations to each payment platform.

Should I create a different App for testing?

Nami recommends setting up a Development environment app to use for all pre-release testing. Then create a Production app for your real customers so that your stats and user lists are clean.

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