App Store Connect Shared Secret

Enable additional functionality by adding your app's Shared Secret to the Control Center.

Apps on the Apple App Store that offer In-App Purchases all have an App Store Connect Shared Secret. This key is used to enable various functionality on the Nami platform, including:

  • Linking Apple's Server to Server Notifications to your account
  • Receipt Verification

Let's step through how to find your App's Shared Secret and add it to the Nami Control Center.

  1. Log in to App Store Connect
  1. Click on My Apps.
  1. Select the App you wish to add to the Nami platform from the list.

  2. Click on Features, then In-App Purchases, and App-Specific Shared Secret.

  1. Copy your Shared Secret.
  1. Open the Nami Control Center and Navigate to Integrations. Then click your Apple App Store integration to edit.


Why does it say 'Finish Configuring'?

Your App Store integration will show a 'Finish Configuring' status until you finish setting up the Shared Secret.

  1. Paste your Shared Secret into the App Store Connect Shared Secret field and click "Save Changes" to save the changes.


Shared Secret Not Returned in Control Center for Security

Our APIs do not return the raw value of the shared secret to the Control Center for security. If you have previously set your shared secret and we have a value for it, you'll see a placeholder in the field.

  1. When you return to the Integrations screen, you will see a 'Configured' badge on your App Store integration, indicating your setup is complete!

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