Archive Products

Learn how to hide products from the Control Center without deleting them

If you need to hide old products in the Nami Control Center, we recommend archiving them.

Archive a Product

  1. Go to Products page

  2. Find the product you want to hide

  3. Click 'Archive' in the Actions column of the table

  4. ...OR... Click into the product and click 'Archive'


If a product can be found on any paywalls, you cannot archive or delete.


Archived products cannot be added to a paywall.


You can still filter by archived products in Analytics and Insights

Find Archived Products

  1. Go to Products page

  2. Select 'Archived' from the filter

  3. To edit an archived product, you must unarchive it.

When should I archive a product?

  • If the product has ever been purchased, you should cannot delete the product. Instead archive it so the purchase data is maintained
  • If you plan on selling the product now or in the near future, don't archive it.
  • If you aren't sure whether you need a product, archive it. You can always delete it later.

Why is the Archive action hidden?

You cannot archive if the product is added to one of your paywalls. Remove it from all paywall menus before archiving.