Archiving a Campaign

Learn how to archive campaign rules in the Nami Control Center

Use Case

You are done running a campaign or a campaign A/B test. The campaign rule has impressions associated. You don't want to delete the campaign but also don't want the campaign rule to be seen in the placement list


  1. Visit Nami Control Center > Campaign Rules

  2. Find your Campaign Rule. Filter by Placement to locate a rule inside a particular placement. Or search the list by campaign name.

  3. Click the campaign to open the Campaign Detail page.

  4. Click 'Archive' from the bottom menu. Once archived, campaign rules won't be served to users. But their data is still available in analytics for reference.

  5. Filter campaigns list by 'Archived' to see all your archived campaign rules.


If you want to make changes to the campaign and deliver it to users, you must Unarchive the rule