Archiving a Paywall

Learn how to archive paywalls in the Nami Control Center


  1. Visit Nami Control Center > Paywalls

  2. Find the paywall you want to archive.

  3. Either: click the 'Archive' button at the far right of the table

  4. or: open the paywall, open 'Settings', and click 'Archive Paywall'

  5. Filter paywalls list by status 'Archived' to see the archived paywalls


If you want to edit the paywall or start using it in a campaign again, you can unarchive.


Why can't I archive a paywall?

If the paywall is attached to campaign rules, you can't archive. First remove this paywall from all live campaigns.

If I archive a paywall, do the impressions get deleted?

Nope! All the paywall's data is intact when archived.

How do I delete a paywall?

We've removed the ability to delete a paywall from the frontend. Try archiving instead!