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Built for Privacy

We're building a privacy-minded architecture.

Customers are expecting more privacy in apps every day and the regulatory landscape is constantly changing. Privacy is a core tenant of our company mission: BCE. We’re building a privacy-minded architecture so we can be a strong partner in your goal to protect your users data.

While we do have to collect a unique identifier to be able to offer personalized experiences, the Nami SDK does not collect email addresses, geolocation information (except at a country level), or device identifiers.

Data Minimization.
We employ data minimization to limit what we collect to only what is absolutely necessary. This is in stark contrast to the many SDKs that collect voluminous and invasive data with little regard for the user.

If you're interested, you can also read our Privacy Policy.

Updated about a year ago

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Data Collection

Built for Privacy

We're building a privacy-minded architecture.

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