Other Subscription Management

Using Nami paywalls with your own in-app purchase code or another third-party service.

If you use your own code or a third-party for in-app purchase or subscription management, but still want to use Nami for paywall management this guide is for you.

There are just a few steps you need to follow to use Nami in this way.

1. Run Nami in Paywall Management

By default, Nami handles in-app purchase and subscription management for you. To disable these features for your account, please email the Nami support team at [email protected].

Once your account is converted to Paywall Management, the Nami SDK and certain Control Center features relevant to in-app purchase and subscription management will be disabled.

2. Register for Callbacks

When an end user wants to make a purchase from a Nami Paywall, your app code needs to receive a callback from the Nami SDK in order to start the purchase flow.

This is accomplished by calling registerBuySkuHandler on the NamiPaywallManager. See the registerbuyskuhandler SDK reference for details.


Raising a paywall works exactly the same way for the Paywall Management use case.
Just use NamiCampaignManager.launch, which is covered in Adding the SDK as well as in the SDK reference here.

3. Notify the Nami SDK when a purchase is complete

Finally, when the purchase has successfully been processed by your code or a third-party, you need to notify the Nami SDK via buySkuComplete on the NamiPaywallManager. See the buyskucomplete SDK reference for details.