Campaign Behavior

Let's look at how campaigns define the rules affecting how users will encounter paywalls.

Campaigns provide the rules for how your users will encounter paywalls in your app. You'll find these rules on the Behavior tab for any particular campaign.

  1. Let's get started by navigating to the Campaigns screen in the Control CenterControl Center - The Nami Control Center is our web platform that allows you to control the Nami experience in your app from the cloud. and select an existing Campaign.
  1. Now select the Behavior tab.

On this tab, we see the option to select 2 different paywalls. Let's look at each one of these more carefully.

Nami Triggered Paywalls

A Nami Triggered Paywall will be displayed when the Nami Platform determines that an app user should be interrupted in their normal usage of the app to be asked to make a purchase.

This paywall may be displayed due to business rules that you set on this screen or through enabling Nami's machine learning to display the PaywallPaywall - A paywall is a specific type of Call-To-Action (CTA) that is asking your users to make a purchase in your app. It is the visual presentation of your paid products to your users. when we've determined the user is most likely to make a purchase.

Let's select a paywall for the Nami Triggered Paywall by clicking on the dropdown in that section.

Now you will see a new section appear called Presentation Rules.

'Display Every' rules

This set of rules is used to set a regular cadence for your users to encounter your paywall. First click on Select metric...

Here we see 2 options

  • Sessions
  • Core Content Items


Selecting this option will show the paywall every N app sessions to all your users.


What is a session?

A session starts when the app is loaded and brought to the foreground by the user. The session lasts until the user closes or quits the app.

After selecting Sessions, chose a number from the N dropdown.

Core Content Items

The option to display every N Core Content Items can be used when you have specific screens in your app that are central to driving loyalty and adoption of your app. Head over to our documentation on Core Content Items to learn more.

Limit paywall frequency

If you wish to limit how frequently your app users may encounter your paywall while using your app, turn on the toggle next to Limit frequency of paywall.

Now we see two additional dropdowns. Let's look at Select time period... first.

Here you have 4 options. The frequency of limiting the paywall may be chosen based on any of these time intervals

  • Hour
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month

Please choose a frequency that makes sense for your app and audience.

After selecting a time period, you may then select the number of times you want your app users to see the paywall in the given paywall.


Nami Best Practice

In testing and development, we recommend shutting off limiting the frequency of the paywall so you can ensure everything is working correctly.

For production we recommend adding a cap to how frequently your customers see the paywall to balance interrupting your user base with generating revenue.

User Initiated Paywalls

A User Initiated Paywall will be shown when the app user has requested to see the screen with your in-app purchase products. Examples of this type of action may be a button in your app that says "purchase" or "subscribe" or a user interacting with some other call-to-action in your app.

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