Campaign Behavior

Let's look at how campaigns define the rules affecting how users will encounter paywalls.

Campaigns provide the rules for how your users will encounter paywalls in your app.

Nami supports filtering your app audience so that you can control which groups of users see your paywalls without requiring an app update.


Minimum Code Version

Support for the latest version of the Nami campaigns including Audience Rules is available in our Android and Apple SDKs in versions 3.0.0+.
Looking for older code versions? Check out the v1.0 docs

Audience Rules

Device Country

Device Country corresponds to the region set by the user in their device settings.

On an iOS device, this value can be found under Settings > General > Language & Region > Region.

Device Language

Device Language corresponds to the language set by the user in their device settings.

On an iOS device, this value can be found under Settings > General > Language & Region > iPhone Language.

On a Google Android device, this value can be found under Settings > System > Languages & input > Languages.

Device Form Factor

Form Factor refers to the size of device that the user is using. Templates currently are designed for a single form factor, so you will want to use targeting to make sure the right paywall is shown to the right device.

Options: Phone, Tablet, TV.

Device OS

Device OS corresponds to the operating system of the user device.
Options are: Android, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, Roku, FireOS.

If you want your paywall to show to any user on an Apple mobile device, include both iOS and iPadOS. Or exclude iPadOS to only show to iPhones.

OS Version

OS version corresponds to the version of operating system the user device is running. Should be used together with Device OS to target specific versions.

SDK Version

SDK Version refers to the version of the Nami SDK running inside your app.
As Nami adds new features, you will need to target your content to make sure that the user's app supports it.

App Version

App Version is the version number of your app. Use this rule to target only specific test users.

Combining Rules

If you apply multiple options from 1 filter, these are applied as an 'OR'. For example, in this image the paywall would show to users with device country Australia OR New Zealand.

If you add multiple filters, they are ANDed together. For example, in this image, the paywall would show only to users with device country Australia AND with Device OS iOS.

Campaign Run Order

You can create multiple campaigns with the same label. The Nami system will test each campaign in order and try to apply the rules to the device. If the rules match, the paywall will be raised. If not, the system will try the next campaign in the list.

You can rearrange campaigns within a label by dragging/dropping.


Best Practice: Fallback Campaign

If you have multiple campaigns under the same placement label, it is a good idea to have a fallback campaign. Add another campaign with the same label and don't add any rules. That way, if the user doesn't match any of the previous campaign rulesets, they will still see a paywall.