Campaign Troubleshooting

How to resolve issues launching your campaign

Unable to see a Nami paywall in your app? Here are the 3 steps to follow to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Check the placement exists and is On

Visit target="_blank">Campaign Placements and check that the label you are launching exists in the list

Make sure the placement is turned On

2. Ensure the placement has campaigns

Click into the placement to view campaign rules. The placement needs at least 1 live ✅ campaign that is not scheduled for the future

3. Check the Campaign Audience Filters

If you have audience filters, the device you are using to test may not match the rules. For example, you may have setup an Audience Filter to target English language devices. But your device is setup for British English. Therefore your device wouldn't match the rules.


Multiple Campaigns in a Placement

If you have setup multiple campaign rules under 1 placement, Nami will attempt to launch every live campaign in the placement list, in order, until it finds one that matches your device's rules.