Campaign Use Cases

Learn how to use Nami Campaigns and Audience Filtering for a variety of use cases

Nami campaigns let you do a variety of targeting to show different paywalls to different users without requiring in-app code.

Below are some examples for how to use Campaign Targeting and A/B Testing.

Device Language

If your app has a number of supported languages, you will want to show a paywall in each language. Campaign rules can help you target users with a particular Device Language.

nami campaigns for paywall language

Device Country

Use Device Country when your app has different feature sets depending on the country or to show region-specific prices or payment details.

The example below details a paywall shown after signup that has customized content based on the Device Country.

App Version

Use the App Version rule when older versions of your app don't support certain functionality.

SDK Version

The SDK Version rule lets you target campaigns to users on certain versions of the Nami SDK. This should be used when you want to a show a paywall with a minimum SDK version. Or when you want to show a paywall in beta versions of your app that have a higher SDK version. Our paywall docs will tell you the minimum SDK version for each paywall template. Paywall Templates

The example below includes rules for older SDK versions that don't yet support the carousel component. It also includes rules for new beta SDK versions that will target test users of the app. The 3rd campaign is the fallback campaign and will include all other users.


Order of campaigns matters. If you have 2 campaigns with the same label, and the user matches both rule sets, the user will see the paywall from the 1st campaign created.

Device OS

If your app supports iOS and Android, you may have different feature sets depending on the OS. Use the 'Device OS' rule to target specific groups of Operating System.