A template with conditional product group support


This template is available on Enterprise plans. Contact Nami Sales to unlock this template.


Version 1

⭐ Current, released 10/26/2023


Minimum SDK Version for this template is 3.1.7


Available Components

  • Optional Header Title
  • Title Text
  • Body Text
  • 2 Product Groups cards
  • 1 Image per Product Group
  • 1 List per Product Group
  • Up to 2 Products per Product Group
    • Support Selected Styling
  • Sign In Button
  • Restore Button
  • Background Color (gradient supported)
  • Optional Background Image
  • Legal

Product Display

  • Price Text - supports Featured styling and Smart Text variables
  • Duration Text - supports Featured styling and Smart Text variables
  • Optional Subtext

Available Styles

Creating a Paywall from this Template

  1. Find this template by going to Paywalls > Add Paywalls > Phone
  2. Setup 2 product groups. Give them each a name (which will be shown on the paywall) and a reference id that your code will use
  3. Add products to each group.
  4. Use the product group previewer to preview the paywall when only 1 product group is sent from code