Configuring your Paywalls for Accessibility

Learn how Nami paywalls can be set up for users with screen readers

Nami paywalls support accessibility! Our paywalls are designed to work easily with screen readers by making all the elements readable via solutions such as Apple's VoiceOver and Google's TalkBack and Select to Speak. The paywall can also be enhanced with customizable spoken hints.


Minimum SDK Versions for Accessibility in Paywalls

Support for accessibility on Nami paywalls requires the following minimum SDK versions.

  • Android v2.0.0
  • Apple v2.8.0
  • Flutter v1.0.0
  • React Native v1.3.0
  • Xamarin v1.2.0

Customize Text to Speech

  1. Navigate to Nami Control Center > App Settings

  2. Click the Languages tab

  3. Scroll down to Accessibility - Text to Speech

  1. Make edits to Screen Reader Hints if desired. If any fields are left blank, no additional text will be read aloud.

  2. Click Update Language to Save

Paywall Screen Reader Hints

Purchase Term HintsThis text will be read out loud after reading all the text on a purchase button.purchase terms
Purchase Button HintThis text will be read out loud after describing the purchase buttons on your paywallsactivate to start purchase


Accessibility Text in Multiple Languages

Nami also supports translating your text to speech hints into different languages. Just click Add Language to add a translation for your hints. Any paywall that is shown in that language will then read the correctly translated hints.

→ Read more about Language support


Full accessibility support only works on paywalls built with Nami. In custom linked paywalls, only the hints are available and you are responsible for ensuring the rest of your UI is accessible.