Copy Campaign Rule to Multiple Placements

How to bulk create the same campaign rule in multiple placements at one time


This feature is in Beta. Contact Team Nami if you have questions


Use Case

You have a set of campaign rules that you want to apply to all placements


This feature is only available on Enterprise plans. Contact Team Nami for a demo.

  1. Navigate to a campaign rule you want to duplicate

  2. Click 'Copy to Placements'

  3. Select a list of placements.

  4. Give the new campaigns a name by using our template.

    1. By default, the name will be "Duplicate of origin campaign name"
    2. You can use variables like ${placement.display_name} or ${placement.label} to insert values from the new placements. Learn about Placement Display Name
  5. Click 'Copy to X placements'

  6. X new campaigns will be created using the same filters, tests, and priority, as the origin campaign

  7. ❗Check each placement to make sure the new campaign is correct and in the correct priority order