Core Content and Core Actions

What are they and how should you use them?


Modern apps have a lot of different screens and actions that may be of different importance to your users.

After downloading your app for the first time, different experiences in your app may be more important than others in building loyalty and return visits for your consumers. Creating that virtuous cycle that reinforces app usage is critical to ultimately generating revenue from an app user.

Nami uses on-device machine learning to identify which experiences are the most important for building customer loyalty and driving purchase behavior while protecting your users' privacy.

You can help Nami better understand which experiences in your app are the most important to your users enabling us to do even better at creating great in-app purchase experiences and increasing revenue.

In the Nami platform, we capture these experiences in two concepts:

  • Core Content
  • Core Action

Let's look at these concepts through the lens of an example app: a streaming video platform.

A streaming video app may have several screens in the app:

  • A home screen with an overview of all content on the platform
  • Genre screens such as "Horror", "Comedy", or "Sci-Fi"
  • The video player screen where you watch the actual video
  • A settings screen where you can change account settings such as your email address or password
  • An about screen that tells you about the company that makes the app

Not all of these screens are equally important in moving your customers along a journey to making a purchase in your app. We will continue to refer to this example app in the sections below.

Core Content

Many apps have some type of Content at the center of the value they add to their users. In different categories of apps the type of Content may change. The table below shows a few examples.

App CategoryCore Content Examples
Entertainment and NewsAudio
Health & Fitness
Social NetworkingMessage

In our example of a video streaming app, the video player screens would be Core Content. You may also find that usage of the genre pages like "Comedy" is really important to building engagement in your app and wish to label that as Core Content also.

Head over to the SDK section to learn how you can label Core Content in the Nami platform.

Core Actions

A Core Action is any custom event that can occur in your app. While this may at first seem pretty general, there are quite a few common action types that occur in many apps. Some examples are included below.

Action Type
Alter / Change / Edit
Download / Save / Bookmark
Favorite / Like

Going back to our streaming video platform example, we could add Core Actions for some of the following actions taken by our users:

  • User adds a video to their list to watch later
  • User downloads a video to watch offline
  • User likes/upvotes/rates a video

To start using Core Actions, take a look at our SDK documentation.