Create a Placement

Learn how to create a paywall Placement in the Nami Control Center.

1. Navigate to Placements page

Visit Nami Control Center > Placements

2. Click 'Add' ➕

3. Choose a Type

Most placements are defined by labels in your app code.

You can also create deeplink placements that are triggered by a URL.


Business and Up

Deeplink placements are available on our Business plans and up

4. Assign a Label

This label should be a short string that is used by your app code. The string shouldn't have any spaces or special characters other than - or _

5. Update the Status 🚥

Placements have statuses. By default when you create a placement, it is turned On. To disable the placement and all rules attached, turn it off.

6. Add a campaign rule ▶️

Each placement should have at least 1 campaign rule. Learn more about how to create a campaign

Click into the placement to add a rule.