Create App Store Platform Integration

You need to create a Payment Platform integration in order for Nami to connect to the Apple App Store.

1. Go to Integrations πŸ”Œ

In the Control Center, tap the Integrations icon to open the Integrations screen.

Once on this screen, you will see options for all the Integrations Nami supports, including Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore.

2. Select Apple App Store 🍎

Click the Apple App Store platform tile to start integrating.

3. Fill out Integration details

Provide a name for your app platform.

Fill out the Bundle Identifier field. This value is the unique marketplace identifier for your app and can be found in App Store Connect


Nami Best Practice

If you only have one build of your app on the store, we recommend naming the platform "App Store" to keep things simple.

If you have multiple builds of your app on the store with different identifiers you may name your App Platforms "Development" and "Production" or something similar.


The value you enter for the Bundle Identifier must match the correct identifier name on App Store Connect and in your app code.

If these do not match, the Nami SDK will not function correctly with fetching product SKUs from the store and executing purchases.

If you just wish to experiment with the Nami platform or test purchases using our Bypass Store mode, just enter any ID.

4. Save πŸ’Ύ

Click 'Add New Integration' to add your new Apple App Store platform integration.


Why does my Integration say 'Add Store Credentials'?

To complete your integration with the Apple App Store, you need to add Store Credentials into the Org Settings. This only needs to be done once, since the credentials are used for all apps in your Org.

Store Credentials have 3 pieces: