Create Roku Platform Integration


Roku integration is available on our Enterprise plans. Contact Team Nami for more information.

You need to create a Payment Platform integration in order for Nami to connect to Roku.

Adding a Platform

In the Control Center, tap the Integrations icon to open the Integrations screen.

Once on this screen, you will see options for all the Integrations Nami supports, including Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Roku, and Amazon Appstore.

Click the Roku platform tile to start integrating.

Integrating with Roku

  1. Provide a name for your app platform
  2. Login to the Roku Developer Console and select your channel.
  3. The URL in your address bar will have a 6 digit number at the end of it This is your Channel ID.
  4. Paste this value into the Channel ID field

  1. Click 'Add New Integration" to save


Why does my Roku Integration say 'Add Store Credentials'?

To complete your integration with Roku, you need to add an API Key into the Org Settings. This only needs to be done once, since the credentials are used for all apps in your Org.

Learn how: Roku API Key