Service Account

Enable Nami to communicate with the Google Play Developer API on your behalf.

Nami simplifies your adoption of in-app purchases and subscriptions for apps published to Google Play. In doing so, Nami needs to communicate with Google's Play Developer API for purchase verification as well as retrieve product SKU details.

This article documents how to generate Service Account credentials with Google Play that provide Nami the limited access needed to manage your app's purchases.

Create a Service Account

  1. Log in to Google Play Console.

  2. Navigate to Setup > API Access

  1. Click 'Learn how to create service accounts'
  1. Navigate to API access under the Developer account section.
  1. Enable API access for your account by linking your Google Play Android Developer project.
  1. Under the Service Account section, click Create Service Account.
  1. Click the Google API Console in the dialogue that pops up, which will open in a new window.
  1. Ensure Google Play Android Developer is the current project in the Google API Console.
  1. Click Create Service Account.
  1. Fill in the Service account name and Service account description fields, then click Create.
  1. Grant Service Account User for the Role , then click Continue.
  1. Skip the Grant users access to this service account (optional) step and click Done.
  1. Click back into the service account you just created.
  1. Under Keys click on ADD KEY and then Create new key.
  1. Make sure you select JSON and then click Create.
  1. If prompted to allow downloads select yes and then click done to download the key.

  2. Confirm your new Service Account shows up in the list view, and has a green checkbox in the Status column.

  1. Switch back to your Google Play Console window, and close the dialogue which will refresh the API Access page.

Your new Service Account should be listed.

  1. Click Grant Access, and assign the Nami Service Account the following permissions:

Access Level

  • View app information

Financial Data

  • View financial data
  • Manage orders

Upload Credentials into Nami Settings

  1. You're almost done! Log in to the Nami Control Center, and visit Settings > Store Credentials

  2. Grab the Service Account credentials JSON downloaded in step 12.

Upload into the Service Account Credentials file upload and click 'Save'.