Apple Integration

Apple specific onboarding steps

To complete setup of your Apple app on Nami, there are several steps.

1. Create Nami Platform Integration 🍎

Create a Nami Platform Integration with the Apple App Store.

2. Turn on S2S Notifications πŸ’¬

Turn on Server to Server Notifications. App Store Connect access is required.

This will send Apple's Server to Server notifications to Nami, allowing us to:

  • Update your app on the latest state of your customer's purchase through the SDK
  • Provide reporting on your in-app purchase revenue

3. Add Privacy Details πŸ‘€

Add the correct App Store Privacy Details for your app to App Store Connect.

4. Add Apple App Store Products 🏷

Add Apple App Store Products

This allows Nami to show available Apple products for display on your Paywall .

5. Provide Store Credentials πŸ”

Providing store credentials allows Nami to perform multiple actions on your behalf including receipt verification and receiving Server to Server notifications from Apple. App Store Connect access is required.

  1. Provide your App Store Connect Shared Secret
  2. Provide App Store Connect API credentials
  3. Provide Apple In App Purchase credentials

6. Integrate Nami SDK πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’»

Apple SDK Setup

Flutter Setup

React Native Setup