Google Play Store Setup

Get Google Play set up correctly so you are ready to sell in-app purchases.

Getting set up on Google Play to sell in-app purchases and subscriptions has a few steps you need to complete.

Google's guide to getting set up is available here, and we've summarized some of the key steps below.

  1. Set up a Google Play developer account.
  2. Set up a profile in the Google Payments Center.
  3. Link your payments profile and Google Play developer account.
  4. Configure access to the Google Play Developer API.
  5. Set up the API with the View financial data permission.
  6. Make sure your app has been published to a track. If you already have a release for your app, you can find this under Release management and then App releases.

If your app does not have a release you will find this under App releases.

  1. In order to use in-app purchases your app must be available on Internal Test, Alpha, Beta, or Production. Select the track you wish to release to and click Manage.
  1. Then click Create Release to start the process for the release.
  1. Complete all the steps to submit your app for review and release.