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Overview of the two key components of the Nami product.

The Nami product consists of two parts:

  • Control Center
  • SDK Framework

Nami Control Center

The Nami Control CenterControl Center - The Nami Control Center is our web platform that allows you to control the Nami experience in your app from the cloud. is our web based application that allows you to configure and deploy customized in-app purchase experiences in your mobile app.

Access the Control Center
• Sign in at
• Sign up at

Nami SDK Framework

Nami provides an easy-to-integrate SDK framework.

The Nami SDK is responsible for the following:

Store Integration

  • In-app purchase lifecycle
  • Purchase receipt validation

Paywall & Campaign Management

  • Paywall control & display
  • Purchase analytics

Machine Learning

  • Training data collection
  • On-device ML model management

Get the SDK

  • Get the Nami SDK for Android from our Maven repository.
  • Download the Nami SDK for iOS and iPadOS by visiting Nami on GitHub.
  • Also, check out our React Native Bridge available on NPM and GitHub.

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Overview of the two key components of the Nami product.

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