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Key Concepts

An overview of the key Nami platform concepts.

The Nami platform has a few key concepts that are important to understand:

  • App
  • App Store Platform
  • App Platform
  • Entitlements
  • Product SKUs
  • Paywalls
  • Campaigns

Let's take a look at each of these in more detail and see how they are related.


Your app on the Nami platform. It all starts here. Your app may run across a multitude of platforms and environments, which will be handled in the Nami platform. We try to push as many concepts as possible to the App level to help simplify how you manage an app across multiple platforms.

App Store Platform

An App Store Platform where your app users complete their transactions. Examples of App Store Platforms include:

  • Apple's App Store
  • Google Play
  • Roku

Note the App Store Platform is related to the unique platform that process transactions. In the example of the Apple ecosystem where you have iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS, since they all transact on the App Store, there is only a single App Store Platform for each of these environments.

App Platform

An App on the Nami Platform may have several App Platforms associated with it. Each App Platform must be associated with a single App Store Platform.

In a simple use case, your app will have one App Platform per App Store Platform that you sell on.

Nami also supports having mutiple App Platforms with the same App Store Platform. You may want to use this functionality when you have a different app on the Google Play store for testing and production.


An EntitlementEntitlement - Grants access to a set of features or content in an app. is an object that grants a device access to a set of features or content in an app. Entitlements are a property of the app and represent the same concept of access across all platforms.

Product SKUs

A Product SKUProduct SKU - A product sku is the in-app purchase or subscription SKU or ID that is set up with the app marketplace. is an in-app purchase SKU or ID as defined within a specific App Platform. Products define the in-app purchase type, price points, bill terms, and other related data.

A Product SKU is specific to an App Platform.

Product SKUs are created within each app store platform and then added to the Nami platform for use in your app. For example, Apple's App Store products are created in App Store Connect.


A PaywallPaywall - A paywall is a specific type of Call-To-Action (CTA) that is asking your users to make a purchase in your app. It is the visual presentation of your paid products to your users. is a few things:

  • The visual presentation of your paid offering to your users.
  • The checkout page for your users to complete a transaction.
  • A Call-To-Action that your users must engage with before they can continue to use your app (it must be dismissed).

In the Nami Control Center, building a paywall is all about selecting the products you wish to offer to your users and setting up the imagery and marketing copy that will be used to present that offer.

App paywalls come in a variety of forms. Before Nami, these screens were generally hard coded into an app, requiring significant developer time for implementation and maintenance.

Nami shifts management of your app's paywall to the cloud which allows your team members responsible for revenue to operate independently from your development team.

You can now make changes to the marketing copy or artwork instantaneously without requiring an update and app review. You can even modify which products you offer for sale with just a few clicks.

Since the paywall is managed from the cloud, you can now have multiple paywalls to experiment with tone, style, and more.


A CampaignCampaign - Campaigns control the rules for "when" and "how" your paywalls will be displayed to your app users. is the object that provides the "How".

How are you going to show your paywalls and products to your users? Under the hood, Campaigns maintain the rules engine for when and how paywalls will be presented to your customers.

The Nami Control Center will allow you to configure these rules based on certain Campaign Templates so that you can interact with your users in a way that meets your needs.

How Do These Relate?

An App on the Nami Platform will have a set of Entitlements, App Platforms, and Campaigns.

A Campaign has a set of Paywalls that are used in the Campaign.

App Platforms have a set of Product SKUs that grant an Entitlement and are included in Paywalls.

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Key Concepts

An overview of the key Nami platform concepts.

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