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What is Nami?

Nami is a cloud service that helps mobile app publishers easily implement and sell in-app purchases and subscriptions.

Nami eliminates complex in-app purchase development work and is easy to integrate.
Plus, Nami allows you to control your app's sales experience, the Paywall, from the cloud. This means you can experiment and make changes without shipping an app update.

Key Benefits

  1. Save Development Time

Nami handles all the nitty-gritty plumbing for implementing in-app purchases and subscriptions, so your development time can stay focused on your core app experience.

Save hundreds of developer hours of implementation and maintenance.

  1. Empower Marketing

Nami moves paywall management to the cloud, so your team gains agility to experiment, improve, and promote in-app purchases and subscriptions rapidly and in a whole new way.

Rapidly iterate and experiment by eliminating development cycles and app updates.

  1. Boost Revenue with Machine Learning

App conversion rates are anemic. Nami's proprietary machine learning models boost your revenue by automatically identifying high value users and finding the right moment to convert them.

Nami's machine learning models run on-device, offering strong performance and user privacy.

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