Issuer ID

Learn how to find your Issuer ID in App Store Connect


This page has been deprecated. See Apple App Store Connect API

Let's step through how to find your Issuer ID and add it to the Nami Control Center.

1. Login to App Store Connect.

Go to App Store Connect and login

2. Navigate to Users and Access > Keys

Select 'Users and Access'

Select 'Keys'

3. Copy your Issuer ID

The Issuer ID is located at the top of the page. Copy it to your clipboard.

4. Add value to Nami Control Center

Open the Nami Control Center and navigate to Settings β†’ Store Credentials.

Paste the Issuer ID into the Issuer ID field.

5. Add Shared Secret and Private Key

You must have all the values in the form to save.

Follow these steps to get your App Store Connect Shared secret. Paste the value into the Shared Secret field.

Follow these steps to get your private Key file and ID. Enter these values.

6. Save

Save the credentials to finish!