Link a Custom Paywall to Nami

Learn how to link a custom paywall implementation so it can be managed from the cloud

In this article, learn how to link a custom paywall implementation to Nami, so you manage it from the cloud.

This approach is recommended if you have an existing paywall implementation or require a highly-customize paywall design .

If you are building a new app or would like to add a paywall without requiring code, consider using the Paywall Creator.

Link a Custom Paywall to Nami


Developer Note

Linking Nami to your custom paywall requires your developer to connect your paywall implementation to the Nami SDK so it can be managed from the Nami Control Center.

  1. Navigate to Nami Control Center > Paywalls

  2. Click the "+ Add Paywall" button

  1. Choose "Link a Custom Paywall"

Then click Get Started to configure the new paywall

Configure a Linked Paywall

  1. Name the paywall

The paywall name is used throughout the Nami Control Center to identify your paywall and is not visible to your app's end users.

  1. Input a Developer Paywall ID

This is used in your app code to link your existing paywall to Nami.

  1. Upload a paywall image, then click "Update" to save your changes.

This is used to visually identify your paywall throughout the Nami Control Center, including on the Paywall tile view.


Artwork Specifications

Compressed JPEG


500 x 500

  1. Navigate to the Content tab. Input a title and body, then click "Update" to save your changes.

The title text is the key headline and the body is supporting text.

  1. Navigate to the Products tab. Select the to sell, then click "Update" to save your changes.

Choose up to three in-app purchase products to sell through this paywall.


Active Products

Only products marked active in the Products section of the Control Center will show up inside the paywall configuration screens.

  1. Navigate to Legal tab. Setup paywall legalese. Click "Update" to save your changes.

Paywalls can display Purchase Terms and link to your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Purchase Terms are configured per paywall.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are configured per-app, navigate to App Settings to populate.


Legal & App Review

Apple App Store apps must somewhere surface a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. This does not have to be done within the paywall, but that is a best practice.

If the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use fields in App Settings are left blank, no legal links will be displayed within the paywall.

Paywall Status

You may have noticed that on a Paywall's Overview Tab there is a status indicator.

This status is here to help you make sure that you don't accidentally try to use a paywall in your app when it isn't fully ready to go.

For a Linked Paywall, the status indicator has 2 states:

Fully Configured

Paywall is Fully Configured when you have entered a Developer Paywall ID.

Not Configured

Paywall is Not Configured when the Developer Paywall ID is empty.

Developer Details

Connecting the Linked Paywall data defined in the Control Center to your mobile app requires a little development work. Please consult this guide for details.

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