Manage your Apps

Managing the apps in your Nami organization

Apps in the Nami system are owned by an Organization.

If you are the owner or admin of an organization, you manage that organization's apps.

  1. Locate account settings in the Control Center by first clicking the circular avatar icon in the upper right corner, then click Settings
  1. Switch to the Apps tab

Add an App

  1. Click Add App to add a new app
  1. Give your app a new name and then click 'Create App'

Edit an App

  1. To edit an app, first click the edit icon

Editable fields include:

  • App Name
  • Icon
  • Default Language


Nami auto-generates an App ID for each app that cannot be changed. Use the 'Copy' button to copy it and reference it in your code.

Delete an App

  1. To delete an app, first click the trash icon
  1. Confirm that you want to delete the app


Danger Zone

Deleting an app is destructive. If you confirm, by click Yes, Delete this App, the app and all associated data will be deleted forever.