Manage your Organization

Managing your Nami organization

Each Nami OrganizationOrganization - Apps, team members, and plan & billing details roll-up to the Organization entity in the Nami system. An account in the Nami system can belong to one or more Organizations. consists of:

  • Organization Name
  • Apps owned by the organization
  • Team members belonging to the organization
  • Billing details & plan selection for the Nami service

Organization members with the role of owner or admin can manage these traits.

Changing the Organization Name

  1. Locate account settings in the Control CenterControl Center - The Nami Control Center is our web platform that allows you to control the Nami experience in your app from the cloud. by first clicking the circular avatar icon in the upper right corner, then click Settings.
  1. Switch to the Organization tab.
  1. Update the Organization Name
  1. Click Update Name to save your changes

Manage the Organization's Apps

To manage the apps owned by the organization, follow the steps outlined in the guide:

Inviting Team Members to Join the Organization

To invite team members to join the organization, follow the steps outlined in the guide:
Invite your Team.

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