Send data from Nami ML to mParticle.

Integrate Nami with mParticle so you can send data from Nami to other services that you use and build audiences based on Nami ML attributes.


This is a server-side integration where Nami sends data directly to mParticle. There is minimal SDK work required to enable it. See the Customer ID section below.

Setup in mParticle

  1. To get started with Nami ML in mParticle, find our integration by clicking on the Directory in the navigation, entering Nami ML in the search box, and finding our tile.
  1. Click on the Setup button on our tile.
  1. If this is the first time you've set up Nami ML a configuration popup will be displayed. If this is not the first time you've configured Nami ML, you'll be redirected to Setup > Inputs where a Nami ML row will show your existing configurations. A new configuration may be created by first clicking on the Nami ML row to expand it and then selecting the + button on the far right.

  2. Enter a name for the configuration and click Save.

  1. Copy the Server to Server Key and Server to Server Secret and save these for the next section.

Setup in the Nami Control Center

We will be enabling this integration in our Control Center in the near future. For now, if you would like to send data to mParticle, contact your Nami Account Rep or email us at [email protected].

Overview of data sent to mParticle

The following events generated by the Nami ML platform are currently available to be sent to mParticle. You may choose any subset of these events to be sent.

  • device.impression
  • device.transaction
  • user.subscription.cancelled
  • user.subscription.expired
  • user.subscription.in_grace_period
  • user.subscription.paused
  • user.subscription.purchased
  • user.subscription.renewal_in_grace_period
  • user.subscription.renewed
  • user.subscription.resumed

See our full list of Event Types here.


We are continuing to add more events from our available event types to mParticle. If you are looking for a particular event that is not available today, please contact [email protected].

mParticle Customer ID

mParticle uses a Customer ID field to define users in their platform. It is important that you properly set this ID in the Nami ML platform so that users in our platform are properly linked with users in mParticle.

There are 2 different IDs that are available to be used as the Customer ID.

  • user_id This is Nami's internal ID that tracks a user in our platform. If you have no other identifier you may use this.
  • external_id This is the identifier that you set in the SDK with a call to setExternalIdentifier. We expect most customers to use the external_id for the mParticle Customer ID.

User Attributes

We provide the following user attributes on all user.* events sent to mParticle.

User Attribute



Array of entitlement_ref_id's for each active entitlement that the user currently has access to.


Array of sku_ref_id's for the associated purchases with each active entitlement the user currently has access to.


Array of UUIDs for each device that belongs to the user.


Array of app_platform_id's for each device.


True if the user previously paid for a subscription and currently does not have an active subscription.


True if the user is currently in grace period, false otherwise.


True if the user is currently in a free trial, false otherwise.


True if the user is currently in an intro offer period, false otherwise.

For more information, see the documentation on mParticle's website.

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