Payment Platform FAQs


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Can I change my Bundle Identifier or Package Name later?

Yes. If you are just playing around, feel free to put any value as the Apple Bundle ID or Google Package Name. But when you want to actually test purchases or pulling product SKU data from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, these values will need to match exactly.

Can I delete a Payment Platform integration?

Yes. But this will also delete any associated product SKUs and may impact your ability to show paywalls or track revenue through Nami. Use caution when taking this action.

How do I find my payment platform ID?

The ID can be found inside the Integration screen. Find your Nami App Platform ID

Why can't I create a Google Service Account?

If you see the above screen when trying to provide your Google Service Account, you need to ask the developer account owner to complete the steps.

Go to Users and permissions in the Google Play Console to find the developer account owner. There will only be 1.