Paywall FAQs

Issues and questions that may arise from creating and loading paywalls.


Helpful Resources

How do I see a Nami paywall in my app?

First, you will need to add the Nami SDK into your app. Visit Add the SDK to get started and select your platform or framework from this page.

Then configure Nami in your app. Set up Nami in your App

Finally you will need to add a small snippet of code to raise the paywall. See the Raise Paywall guide for more details.

How can I make a copy of an existing paywall?

Duplicate the Paywall from the Paywall settings. See the Duplicate a Paywall guide for more details.

Paywall Builder FAQs

Why does the paywall preview show $XX.XX or XXXXX on the product buttons?

When we load your paywall in the previewer, we don't have access to some of the product information such as price, duration, and more. This information is only available when the paywall is loaded on device. So we replace the display text values with XXXX to represent them.

When your paywall is shown to a user on a real device, the Xs will be replaced with the corresponding product values.

What kind of image can I upload to the paywall?

Nami paywalls support PNG or JPEG images. This means files ending in .png, .jpeg, or .jpg. Nami recommends uploading a compressed image under 1MB. Learn More.

Why can't I edit the Clickwrap Text for my Paywall?

Clickwrap Text is global to your entire app. That means it is the same for all of your paywalls. You can set it up, including translations for different languages, in App Settings > Legal

Why can't I delete a paywall?

If a paywall is attached to a campaign, the paywall can't be deleted because then the campaign couldn't display anything.

Go to your Campaigns list and find the campaign(s) that have this paywall associated. If the campaign is deactivated, pick a different paywall and save the campaign. If the campaign is live, make sure that you have a backup campaign running before you deactivate and switch paywalls.

Once your paywall is removed from all campaigns, you can delete it.

Why can't I add more products to my paywall?

Our paywall templates have product limits. Once you add that many products, you can't add any more products. Check out our template guide to see how many products you can add to each one.

None of the paywall templates have the features I'm looking for. What can I do?

Reach out to Support about upcoming paywall template that will match your needs. We can even create a custom template for a fee!