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How do I see a Nami paywall in my app?

First, you will need to add the Nami SDK into your app. Visit Add the SDK to get started and select your platform or framework from this page.

Then configure Nami in your app. Set up Nami in your App

Finally you will need to add a small snippet of code to raise the paywall. See the Raise Paywall guide for more details.

What if I don't have a phone or tablet version of my app?

No problem! When using the Paywall Creator, just upload the same image for both the Phone and Tablet background artwork and everything will work!

Why does the paywall preview show ${sku...} on the product buttons?

Those are Paywall Smart Text variables. They are used to represent product's price, duration, and more. They allow you to flexibly customize paywall copy without needing to add copy for each product.

When your paywall is shown to a user on a real device, those variables will be replaced with the corresponding product values. Learn more.

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