Paywall Images

Adding images to your mobile paywall

To use the image uploader, create a paywall that has an image component and go to Background. You will see the paywall default image.

Editing the Image

Click the Edit ✏️ icon on the image thumbnail to open the Image Editor.

From here you can zoom in and out, rotate, and move and adjust the crop window.

In the editing tool, the aspect ratio of the crop is fixed to the correct size for each particular image. Note that as you rotate the image the size of the crop window will change to ensure that the image maintains the correct aspect ratio after cropping.

Click Ok to save changes


Once you save an edited image the original image will be lost. Be sure you are happy with your changes before saving them.

Deleting and Replacing the Image

To delete an image, click the Delete 🗑 icon on the image thumbnail. Then you can click to upload or drop in a new file.


Nami paywalls support PNG or JPEG files


Nami supports PNG and JPEG files. This includes files ending in .png, .jpg, and .jpeg.

SVG, GIF, or WEBP files are not supported.

File Size

Nami recommends uploading compressed files under 500KB. This will help ensure that your app users on cellular data or slow Wi-Fi connections don't have to download a large image before viewing your paywall.

There are many ways to compress your images, including using Preview on your Mac to Export in a different file size or file type or using sites such as TinyPNG to compress an image.