Products and Entitlements FAQs


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I don't have any product SKUs setup in iTunes Connect yet. Do I need to do this to get started with Nami?

Nope! You can setup test products to show on the Nami paywall when testing. But if you want to see products in a TestFlight or App Store build, you will need to setup products in iTunes and get them approved by Apple. See this guide for more info.

What is the Product SKU ID?

The SKU ID is where you enter the Product ID from your payment platform. Nami uses this value to lookup price, duration, and other information about the Product SKU from the Apple App Store or Google Play Console. The SKU ID must be an exact match to the values in the payment platform, otherwise Nami can't pull products on the paywall.

What is the Product SKU Type?

When adding a product, you have to choose Subscription or One Time Purchase as your SKU Type.

Subscription SKU Type means that the product purchase renews on a regular basis. You choose the duration and price in your purchase platform.

One Time Purchase means that the user pays once for the product and never again. You choose the price in your purchase platform and then determine in your product what is unlocked by this purchase.

I have apps on iOS and Android. Do I need to create the same product on both platforms?

Yes. Your product SKUs have to be setup in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You will need to add both payment platform integrations inside Nami and then add all products twice - under each platform. That way, whether a user loads your app on iOS or Android, they can still purchase the same products.

What is an Entitlement?

Entitlements are used to grant access to a set of content or features in your app. They have a set of associated Product SKUs that grant the entitlement on purchase.

I have an iOS and Android app. Do I need 2 entitlements?

No. Entitlements work across multiple platform integrations.

How should I setup my Entitlements?

Entitlements are based on the content your app contains. A simple setup may only have 1 Entitlement that is unlocked by either a subscription or a one-time purchase. This entitlement in turn could have multiple products underneath it - monthly subscription, yearly subscription, etc. But the overall functionality unlocked is the same. Therefore all the products live under 1 entitlement.

However, an app with tiered access would involve multiple entitlements.

Why can't I edit the Entitlement Reference Id?

The Entitlement ID is used by your code to decide whether to grant a user access to content. Changing it will result in users no longer having access to content they paid for. If you made a mistake setting up the Entitlement Id and haven't yet attached products or granted access to this entitlement, just delete the entitlement and create a new one.

Why can't I delete my Product SKU?

Make sure that your product SKU isn't attached to any live paywalls. Also make sure that it isn't associated with any entitlements. Then try deleting. We also don't recommend deleting products once a purchase has been made.

Do I need to setup the Product Languages?

The Product Languages are only used on the legacy paywalls. So if you are using new paywall templates, the Product Language setup is not required! (Not sure which type of paywall you are using? Ask support)

Why does my product SKU say 'Not configured' under Entitlements?

You want to make sure that all of your products are associated with an Entitlement, so when an app user purchases the product, they are granted entitlement access. Products can be associated with more than 1 entitlement, but should have at least 1.

Why do my products or entitlements say 'Auto-created'?

When you install the Nami SDK and setup Store server events, Nami starts listening for events such as purchases, renewals, cancellations, etc. If Nami gets an event about a product that you haven't yet setup in the Control Center, we automatically create it for you so that we can properly track it for analytics.

Nami sets up a product SKU and fills in all the information we can about the product. We then create an entitlement and assign the product SKU to this entitlement as well.

You can rename Auto created products and entitlements, but we don't recommend deleting them! This can affect your analytics and the way Nami grants entitlements.

Do I need to fill out the Subscription Duration, Free Trial Duration, and Grace Period Duration for my subscription products?

When you create a Subscription product, 3 fields will be available to fill out that provide Nami with more information about your product. We recommend filling them out.

These fields are optional but are required if you want to unlock analytics such as MRR, Trial Conversion Rate, and others. If you fill out these values, you will also see duration populated for these products in the paywall previewer instead of XXXXX.